Monday, 24 October 2016

HD TVI Cameras Installation Los Angeles

HD-TVI means High Definition Transport Video Interface, HD-TVI can be ran over traditional coaxial cable RG-59 or RG-6 for video and data transmission. HD-TVI can support 720P and 1080P video signal over long distance up to 1600 feet. Our HD security cameras use HD-TVI technology to deliver image quality that is far better than analog CCTV Security Cameras. HD CCTV cameras are a cost-effective video surveillance solution that are easy to install and affordable in price. If you need 1080p HD video resolution without running an internet protocol network, HD-TVI is the best solution. HD-TVI technology delivers detailed, high-definition images with no compression artifacts or transmission-related delays. Compared with IP cameras, HD cameras reduce setup costs by using existing coaxial cabling.
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